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Have you watched our Mighty Minute series? Angela and I love teaching and getting good information about the entertainment industry out to Seattle-area filmmakers and actors, and we do just that in short, fun doses with the Mighty Minute! Our first iteration of vlogging came packaged as “Mighty Mondays,” but we found we were unable to stick to the commitment of getting content out on such a strict schedule. So, we adjusted! With the Mighty Minute, not only are we focusing on getting video out in bite size portions (1 – 2 minutes), but we are posting more times per week because we are not artificially restricted to publishing only on Mondays. Yep, that is a win-win.

Our first Mighty Minute aired on May 25, 2015. Watch Angela and I “broadcasting” from the step and repeat at the Seattle International Film Festival:


A few episodes later, you can find us in our home studio, working under lights (thanks for the assistance, Tony Tibbetts). In this episode we give you 3 tips on auditioning:


Our most recent episode, Episode 16, finds us in yet another location, but we think we like this one the best and will be filming most Mighty Monday episodes here. In this episode we are celebrating the Seattle Seahawks, 11 years of marraige, our dear friend, Meg McLynn (who sang the national anthem at the Seattle Seahawks’ preseason opener – Go Hawks!), and Paul Weber’s casting workshop, The Art of the Audition, the Business of the Art:


We hope you enjoy our series, and we are always looking for more stuff to talk about, so please comment here on our site, or on our YouTube Channel.


David and Angela

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