What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Angela David played VITAL role in me becoming the actor that I am today. Their teaching style is a breath of fresh air. They mix business with scene study and on-camera technique seamlessly. They’ve instilled life changing confidence in my acting, and keep remind me that fun and spontaneity is essential, and “being you” is absolutely enough. I can’r recommend them enough, whether you are a beginner, or already have some training under your belt. They are the BEST! Not only that, but they are incredible artists themselves and truly care about the direction their students end up taking. I will forever cherish my relationship with them.” 

Mara Reltien

“I’d been working in Seattle for the past four years with some success in both theater and film, but I knew that there was more to learn that I just wasn’t getting ‘on the job.’ I went in thinking I needed to brush up on my camera technique; where to look, how to stay in frame, how to play to the camera, etc. What I got was that and more: I’ve deepened my approach to acting, both for the camera and for the stage. I’ve got a new set of tools I can use to prepare more fully for auditions and roles. And, most importantly, I’ve got a new sense of confidence that’s been making a big difference in real-world casting and on-set situations. I got so much out of the first class that I went on to take the next in the series, and I plan to continue with Mighty Tripod’s ongoing classes and workshops.”

Marty K.

“Before being introduced to Mighty Tripod, I had taken several foundational classes, so I asked for permission to skip the first class and begin with Camera 2. It was an excellent class. Partly for that reason, and the gentle encouragement of Angela and David, I decided to give Camera 1 a try. Boy, am I glad I did. This has been an excellent class. It is so hands on. And, we get to take home recorded “auditions” and scenes to see for ourselves what is good, along with what can be improved. That, coupled with the enthusiasm and insight of David and Angela, makes this a not to miss class! I am SO glad I took it! And, I still have two sessions left!! Now, I can’t wait for Camera 3!”

John L.

“I have to say that I could totally tell the Mighty Tripod influence on the shoot I was on this weekend. I haven’t been on a professional set since before classes with you guys…so it was easy to compare the before and after effects. I felt way more comfortable: less like a fish out of water, pretending not to be a fish out of water. I could focus more on the creative end (also just focus better in general), because I knew more what I was doing technically and understood the flow of the set better. I am so appreciative of everything I have learned in your class!”

Anna H.

“I took one 2 hour private session with David for an extremely high profile audition, and it was the best audition I have ever had thanks to him. The things he taught me worked. He gave me the tools and methods that made me look super professional and deliver my lines with no fear.”

Greg M.

“I wanted to reiterate to you how insightful this class was–the material is really staying with me. All three of you were/are so knowledgeable and generous in the sharing of your experiences. And I very much appreciated the hands-on structure of the course. You are offering something rare.”

M'Lissa H.

“I LOVE Angela! She is an amazing acting coach that gives me great feedback and encourages me to dig deep and to bring the characters to life. She inspires me to be mighty and to be confident in my work. I truly appreciate her dedication in helping me to grow as an actor and as a person!”

Rachelle H.

“Mighty Tripod has been the most influential and productive acting training I’ve ever experienced, hands down.  The combined teachings and insights from David, Angela and Tony are extremely helpful for anyone interested in film acting.  Their courses must be the best on-camera training available in the Seattle area, and I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Rich R.

“MTP classes are awesome! They really push you to another level, if you are willing to put in the work. They don’t B.S. you, and David lays it down straight.”

Josh P.

“My son has been taking classes with David and Angela for about three years. They have helped him become confident as an actor and he loves their positive approach to learning. The team is fun, knowledgeable, professional and two of the nicest people I know. David and Angela truly care about your success and will guide you in your career and help you reach your goals.

When my son has an audition he usually takes a private lesson. David or Angela work with him to fully understand the  character and script. He can then go into the audition prepared and confident. They also do video submissions. I always go to them for that because they do a superb job. My son has had many callbacks and bookings because he has great coaches in David and Angela.”

Tammy S.

“I feel extraordinarily confident in each coaching session with Mighty Tripod.  We come up with choices which are interesting and arrive organically.  Feedback on takes for video submissions is honest, constructive, and encouraging. When I’m in the room with Angela or David, it feels just like working with a supportive, talented, collaborative director, and it shows up when it’s time to video submit or audition in the room.  Highly recommend for actors of any experience.”

Brandon M.

“David and Angela really care about their students. They support their students even after taking their classes which is a huge help in a competitive market.”

Christopher B.

“Angela and David are the real deal! Their workshops and classes are the best investment you can make. The work place is so safe, I was never embarrassed or uncomfortable while working on a piece. They always give valuable feedback that is easy to grasp. They’ve taught me how to trust my instincts as an actor and how to always play with the material you’re being given. They’ve undoubtedly made me a bolder and braver actor who can dive into her craft while having fun. I’m also definitely more open-minded and notice the endless possibilities there are within scenes and to me, that’s gold.”

Mara R.

“They know the craft. They know the Northwest film scene. They want to share and help actors get work and get better at their work. What else is there to say? Oh, yeah. They are good, good people.”

Robert P.

“Angela is awesome! She is passionate about acting and is skilled in connecting with people and helping them grow. She challenges her students using fun techniques, and my daughter always looks forward to her next class!”


“Recently I had a great private acting lesson with Angela. I have to say that I learned so much in such a short time and it was extremely beneficial. She gave me great advice regarding acting at a young age. I can already tell how much I’ve improved. Can’t wait for my next lesson!”

Megan O.

”I recently had a one on one coaching session with David. David is truly a wonderful acting coach. I have had a chance to observe him when I was an extra in a film as well as see him recently on stage with Book-It Theater. As a newbie in the acting profession, David’s insight as an actor shows in his knowledge, patience and empathy in teaching. In the short time I had with him, I gained some great advice and tips in reading a monologue, cold reading and how to make a character more real vs. just performing. It was great getting immediate feedback after doing the monologue and working on some lines from a script. I really enjoyed the session and gained more from this than other classes I’ve taken up until now. Now, I just need to put his advice into action in becoming a better actor.”

Kathy O.

“David and Angela are not only dedicated, professional actors, but they’re just as motivated as coaches, too. I’ve taken a total of four classes with them, and I learn new things each time I leave their studio. I began taking their classes with only two theatre classes under my belt, and a year later, after training both in private sessions and group classes, I have booked a TV show and a national commercial, gotten callbacks, and overall gained so much from their guidance. I truly owe much of my success to David and Angela. Aside from learning how to understand working on a set, preparing for an audition, and working on a scene, I have gained confidence in myself and my work, and that is one of the most valuable skills I’ve gained from Mighty Tripod Acting Studio.”

McKenna R.

“During Camera 1 with Mighty Tripod Acting Studio, I had amazing moments. I did not want the class to end. Words can’t express the absolute excitement in my soul. I haven’t felt this vibrant in years…I can’t wait for the journey to continue.”

Colette S.

“I am beyond thankful that I signed up for Mighty Tripod’s Foundations class! I am a local actress in the Seattle area and wanted to build on my skills in front of the camera, delivery of lines, getting more comfortable in front of the camera, and building my confidence in the choices that I make for my character. I feel like all of those things have improved tenfold since starting the class. I HIGHLY recommend this class to any actor who wants to not only build more confidence while performing, but to improve their overall understanding of how “to be” in character and not just “act.”  Angela and David did a wonderful job at giving clear direction and feedback in order to help improve my performance skills. They are very encouraging and truly care about helping you in this industry.”

Kelsi U.

“They have been very inspirational part of my never-ending journey as an actor. They are incredibly passionate and they REALLY care for their students bringing important knowledge. I felt their unconditional giving a gift. And they have the availability to create a great environment to work, so you can give yourself permission to make bold choices. Great team.”

Eli R.

“This is a very beneficial team to study with. Awesome folk. If you’re a seasoned actor or a newbie, you can take something substantial away. Whether it is refreshing on breaking down a script, some technical camera aspects, chatting about the business or, most importantly, character building then you’re going to the right place. It’s a healthy mix of renew, revitalize and connect. I’ve also had great networking through the class. Lastly, they recognize that one approach doesn’t work for all actors, (but will offer great approaches) they just want to see and get the best out of you. Looking forward to taking more.”

Amanda B.

“The Camera 2 class has been instrumental in re-framing how I approach my scene work and character development. They offered challenging alternate choices for given situations that gave me the freedom to continue to discover nuances and build higher stakes throughout the filming process, take after take after take. I feel that I have left this class with more valuable tools than I anticipated and I’m eager to put them to use in my work moving forward. Incredibly talented actors and directors with a solid eye for refining their students’ trouble spots.”

Andi N.

“Dedication, Inspiration, Honesty. It’s what they do. Drawing out the best of us artistically and selflessly sharing their knowledge and experience.”

Ed S.

“I just wanted to say I am so, so grateful for Mighty Tripod! While I know Megan learned a ton yesterday, it was also nice to see what she is learning so I can support her at home. Kids just can’t navigate this business without their parents but it isn’t always easy to find the necessary resources; the information you gave during the class yesterday has given us a foundation to build upon. You did a wonderful job arranging the curriculum of the class, keeping to the schedule, (not always easy to do with a room full of kids!) and staying on task, filling the day with very useful content. Thank you for providing a safe and fun environment for the kids to do some real learning.”

Elaine O.