Northwest Talent Agents


A reputable talent agent is a great asset for an actor, and there are quite a few choices in the pacific northwest region. Now, you don’t need a talent agent to find auditions and book work, but most of the best jobs (highest paying, most prestigious) are funneled through casting directors, and most casting directors will contact talent agencies to find appropriate actors for each job.

We have provided links to local talent agencies on this page, and we encourage you to interview with as many as possible in order to find the right fit for you – If you are ready for that step in your career.

The lists below are not aligned in any particular order, so do your own research, talk to other actors, and contact us for coaching if you need assistance along your journey to land agency representation.

If you are new to the biz, and are looking for opportunities to get experience on a film, TV or commercial set, you should consider background/extra work. One way to make yourself available for those kinds of jobs is to join Foreground Background’s mailing list. Follow this link to sign up – Just Email them (Denise Gibbs) and say you want to be added to the list! Another resource for background work is Flannel Background.

If you are an actor, or have any familiarity with the Industry, you have probably also heard the words, “Talent Manager.” While these kinds of professionals work and thrive in larger markets like Los Angeles, in the PNW, we don’t have any reputable managers to note and include on this resource page. As our local industry continues to grow, that could change. But, for now, when you are ready, you should be targeting the most appropriate talent agent based on your goals, experience, and type. 

we can help you land a talent agent

If you need any assistance as you consider which agency to submit to, or if you want us to help you create submission materials (headshots, demo reels, etc.), just reach out. We would love to assist.