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Our courses and workshops are competitively priced, and usually have Early Bird discounted prices during the first week or two of sales. Also, students who enroll in our 5-week courses receive discounts on future courses (cannot be combined with Early Bird prices). Please take a moment to review the course outlines of our studio’s offerings. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Ages: 14+
Level: Beginner

Acting 101: Mind, Body, Voice is our foundational course for beginners. If you have little to no training as an actor, then Acting 101 is where you should start. In this course you will learn how to develop your voice, your mind, and your body for the actor’s path.  More information about Acting 101 will be included on the event page where you purchase tickets.


Ages: 16+
Levels: All

This course is designed to offer a practical understanding of how the voice works, while also developing personal awareness of the connection between the voice, the body and the mind. Voice training is critical for the actor, and Mighty Tripod Acting Studio is thrilled to be hosting Meg McLynn for this course all about one of the most important elements of the actor’s instrument, The Voice.


Ages: 14+
Levels: Beginner
Prerequisite: Acting 101 or Equivalent Training.

Camera 1: The Audition & The Biz will teach students the fundamentals of auditioning for commercials, films, and television shows. Camera 1 also teaches students the business of the business, and how to get connected in the PNW Entertainment Industry. This class is especially important now, as in-person auditions are starting to come back as we return to “normal.”


Ages: 14+
Levels: All
Prerequisite: Students should have some actor training or experience. 

The Self-Tape Academy is our only all-virtual course, designed to help actors set up their at-home studio and create highly competitive audition tapes without stress or hassle. In the Academy, students will also learn how to create compelling auditions, filled with great acting choices.


Age: 18+
Levels: Intermediate
Prerequisite: Camera 1 or Equivalent Training.

Camera 2 is our Scene Work course, built to put students in practice with other students, teaching the fundamentals of script analysis, performance, partner work, and more.


Ages: 10+
Levels: Beginners+

Mighty Tripod Acting Studio offers one-day workshops and seminars for actors of all ages and experience levels. The most popular of our workshop offerings are our Youth/Teen Workshops, which tend to happen on weekends, and more often during the summer months. Check our schedule, linked below, for our current offers.


Age: 18+
Levels: Advanced
Prerequisite: Camera 2.

Camera 3 is our only 8-week course, focused on challenging students with multiple scenes and more complex material. Building on lessons learned in Camera 2, Camera 3 is our Advanced Scene Work course for actors serious about their craft and progression.

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