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David and Angela pushed me to bring out the best in me!! The challenge for me was to bring emotion in my character. Overall I am a happy person- I just need to tell my face!!! Thanks you two!!
Response from the owner: Thank you, David! We had a great time with you in Camera 1, and we hope to see you again soon!
Not only is David professional, but as a working actor he has a unique perspective and ability to help you get the performance you want. Mighty tripod should be a must to any actor in the area!
Response from the owner: I appreciate you for taking the time to review MTAS, Jack! We look forward to having you back in the studio, and your headshots from Seattle Actor Photos are looking great!
What you will get: a class that will set you for success to follow through on all the steps you should do to be an actor in today’s market.What is in it for you: building confidence, putting practical skills in motion, networking, industry knowledge, resources to follow up on and with, how to go after your dream. Don’t wait. Create.
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to post a wonderful review. We look forward to seeing you in the next class!
I really appreciate the pride and the energy that David and Angela has done for me to help me become a successful actor. I am always able to reach out to them when I need it and they really take the time to get to know you personally. Because of them, I have been able to get some really good headshots, get casting calls through them, get represented by an agency, and overall push my potential as an actor. Felt extremely Mighty knowing that I can be successful in the PNW’s acting market and I can’t thank you guys enough
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to review us, Tim! And best of luck with all that you do.~ David & Angela
David Hogan's excellent coaching and professional headshot service helped me achieve my goal of signing up with a talent agent.David was very prompt and professional on all of our email communications and was very clear on how I needed to prepare for the coaching and photoshoot session. During the coaching and taping session, he provided me great feedback and gave me new ideas on how to approach my monologues I didn't consider before. That helped me with my creative process on my monologues and helped me look great on camera. He also made me feel relaxed and made the whole taping process fun. After the coaching/headshot session was done, David emailed me the edited photos and video recordings shortly after. The photos and video recordings were great and I sent them to my targeted talent agent. A week later, the talent agent contacted me and offered me a contract! Woohoo!I highly recommend Mighty Tripod and David's professional coaching and headshot services to anyone who is interested in pursuing acting as a career and finding a talent agent.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your wonderful review, Jon. I’m thrilled for you, and I know you’ll do great. Break a leg at your next audition.- David
I've had the distinct pleasure of enrolling in the Acting 101 and Camera 1 courses at Mighty Tripod Acting Studio, and I must say, the experience has been nothing short of transformative. From the onset, the professionalism, expertise, and genuine passion that both the instructors bring to the table have been evident. They've created an environment that fosters growth, encouraging each student to tap into their potential and refine their craft in a supportive setting.The lessons have been comprehensive, well-structured, and delivered with an authenticity that's truly commendable. Beyond the technical skills, they’ve imbued a deeper appreciation for the art of acting, enriching my understanding of the craft.I'm eagerly anticipating diving into Camera 2 with them, and have my sights set on exploring a few more of their offerings in the future. If you're seeking top-tier acting instruction that is both impactful and enlightening, Mighty Tripod Acting Studio is the place to be.***UPDATE***(11/6/23)My wife and I have had the distinct pleasure of embarking on a transformative journey through Acting 101, Camera 1, and now Camera 2 at Mighty Tripod Acting Studio. To say we are impressed would be an understatement; we are genuinely at a loss for words to fully capture the caliber of education and personal growth we have experienced here.From the foundational skills honed in Acting 101 to the intricate nuances of on-camera technique cultivated through Camera 1 and Camera 2, the depth and quality of instruction have been nothing short of exceptional. The studio has not only equipped us with the tools of the trade but has also instilled a profound confidence that resonates in every audition and performance.The environment fostered by the faculty is one of professionalism, warmth, and genuine investment in the success of their students. David and Angela are not just instructors; they are mentors who have an uncanny ability to bring out the best in every actor, irrespective of their experience level.If you are considering a foray into acting, whether it be for personal enrichment or professional pursuit, I wholeheartedly recommend Mighty Tripod Acting Studio. Here, you will not just learn; you will thrive. Thank you to the entire team for an unforgettable and truly stellar experience.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking the time to review us, Mark! We appreciate you and look forward to having you in Camera 2: Scene Work.
I highly recommend Mighty Tripod Acting Studio to anyone interested in developing as an actor.My journey with MTAS began with a single individual coaching session and headshots. Since then, it has expanded to include ongoing classroom experiences and inclusion into a community of guidance and support.David and Angela are driven professionals who I feel are both kind and firm; the entertainment field is a serious business after all. The manner in which they honestly deliver their knowledge, wisdoms, and advice really resonates with me.I strongly encourage you to explore what Mighty Tripod Acting Studio has to offer. You will not be disappointed.
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, Bryce. We appreciate it and look forward to seeing you soon!
David and Angela at Mighty Tripod are the real deal. They are the most magnificent teachers, coaches, and enthusiastic, passionate teachers of this art. My daughter has grown in tremendous ways through individual coaching sessions, and group classes. David and Angela draw out the best in her, challenge her, and inspire her in new and creative directions. She has come ALIVE and discovered the actress that has been in her since birth. We are with Mighty Tripod for the long haul. And the price is gracious.Thank you Mighty Tripod!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much, Rebecca! We are thrilled to have Annabelle in our world, and you are also so amazing and supportive. See you soon!
The teachers/mentors, David and Angela of Mighty Tripod Acting Studio, are simply fantastic. Gifted performers themselves, they offer spot-on training & guidance as well as some killer no-nonsense marketing info for actors in all phases of their career. They're honest, incredibly supportive & they've created a wonderful community in which all can thrive. I highly recommend any & all of their offerings & I'm grateful for what they've done to raise the bar in terms of integrity, talent & opportunity in the PNW.
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to review us. We love having you in class and we look forward to connecting again soon!
To start off this review I will tell any and all people interested in acting: this is the place for you. Angela and David are fantastic teachers and I am confident in saying you will walk away from your classes here a better actor and a better person.In addition to the great classes offered here, Angela and David have fostered a wonderful community of creatives here. If you are in search for your people then look no further than Mighty Tripod Acting Studio.Highly recommend these courses and seminars for anyone even remotely interested in acting or for those with experience in need of expanding their tools as an actor.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the fantastic review! We love our work and are very grateful to have connected with you, Alex.
Phenomenal classes, at the time of writing this I have taken 2 courses with the MTAS. Both Angela and David are incredibly knowledgeable about the craft, encouraging, and selflessly motivated to see their students exceed. Their camera 1 class was all around exceptional, keeping class sizes contained led to more individual coaching and practice. The environment cultivated was exciting, reassuring, and only further drove my love for the art and to continue honing my craft. I could not recommend two greater teachers and people to learn from.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Chase, for taking the time. We appreciate you very much!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Chantel!
I did a lot of research while looking for the right acting studio for a beginner. I was very hesitant with most studios I was browsing through online. However, when I stumbled upon Mighty Tripod there was not an ounce of hesitation in my bones and I knew this was the studio for me. They responded very quickly to any questions I had and was very commutative.I was very nervous and anxious for my first day of class due to me being very new to everything. However, as I walked into the studio, Angela and David made it comfortableand was very welcoming.If you are a total newbie and serious about getting your first step into the industry, Mighty Tripod is the perfect place to go to. Angela and David are both amazing teachers that only hope for you to succeed.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Aubrey. We are so glad that you found us, and we hope to see you in the studio again soon!
Although a little late, my experience with David and Angela has been fantastic. A few months prior, I had my headshots done with David. I had gone with the...
I highly recommend David and Angela. David is coaching my 14 year old who was hesitant to begin acting despite it being something he was interested in for...
I had 5 headshots, a consult, and talent agency prep work with David. I gotta say WOW! Within two months, I had a full portfolio of professional...
Amazing! Every class I've taken with Angela and David, both in-person and on-line, has been incredible. They are extremely knowledgeable, passionate and genuinely interested in helping each and every student. During this current pandemic, they pivoted their studio and started hosting a self-tape academy course online. It was phenomenal and I wouldn't have been able to get any of my recent callbacks without it. Highly recommend both Angela and David :).
Response from the owner: Thanks so much, Chelsea! We love helping students, and we’re very proud of you and your successes. Keep it up and keep in touch!
These people have changed my life. If you're looking for the best acting coaches in Seattle, this is it. The growth I have experienced in Angela and David's classes is exponential. I cannot say enough good things. If you're curious, take a class, any class. I PROMISE it will be worth it!!
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a wonderful review! We are wishing you nothing but the best along your journey.
From group acting classes, to private coaching, to getting headshots taken, we have been so happy with everything we’ve done with Mighty Tripod. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Thank you very much for taking the time to review our services!
I was dreaming of acting professionally for years and never knew how to make it happen. After my first class with David and Angela it felt possible. Mighty Tripod is the perfect place for actors no matter where you are on your acting journey. David and Angela generously share themselves and their wealth of knowledge with everyone in class - they empower you wherever you are at. If you need guidance, a place to start, some career pointers or advice, or just to get back into class - I cannot recommend Mighty Tripod Acting Studio enough. They have dusted off my wings and reminded me I can fly!
Response from the owner: We appreciate you so much, Hannah!
Realized while taking the class that all my previous self tape auditions wereSO amateurish
Angela and David was are the perfect coaches and teachers
They helped me through editing my videos
I took their self-tape academy and it was so good 🙌🏼 Angela and David are beyond generous with their experience, time, and advice, and it didn't feel like I was getting less out of a class just because it was online. It was worth every penny, and I learned a lot about my strengths and interests as well!While the course is a lot of work (10-20 hours of class + homework per week), your coaches are also working hard for you to succeed as long as you give them good material to work with, which gives you the structure to keep setting goals and fueling your passion during quarantine.I've taken 4 self-tape classes before, so I was skeptical about how much I needed another one, but after the first class it was clear how much I had left to learn! This WILL help you level up your acting skills and your self-tape game, no matter how experienced you are.
Easily one of the best acting experiences I have had! Angela and David are smart, professional, and amazingly kind. They share all they can within each and every class. I feel changed as an artist and person having worked with them.
David and Angela are amazing! I learned so much working with both of them. They totally got me and where I am currently and pushed me to reach farther than I thought I could. Can't wait to work with them again!
This is a legit place. I personally had a wonderful experience and boy I learned a lot about Acting!!!
If you're like me and enjoy the freedom of a stage and you have issues with what you judge the limitations of a filmset; if you have no interest in whatever that thing called "camera" is doing; if you'd rather throw your laptop through the room than editing your self-taped audition... THIS is where you need to be to get over your self-inflicted issues! I got over all of it!
I LOVE MIGHTY TRIPOD! Angela and David are super great teachers and absolutely wonderful people to work with. I've been taking classes there for more than five years and I am always learning new things and working in different ways. I highly recommend taking any class at MTAS, you will not regret it and you will meet so many wonderful actors in Seattle. Also-- David does great headshots.
I was a little unsure about taking this class because although I already knew how to do a self tape audition standing in front of my 3 paneled screens and stacking books up to hold my iphone, I was pleasantly surprised to learn how inexpensive a set up would be and how professional my videos looked. I even learned how to edit them. Angela and David are the real deal. Professional, funny, and mostly authentic!I now feel confident about my ability to present a professional self tape audition.
Just finished Self Tape Acting Academy and it was wonderful! Great one on one coaching with two top notch professionals-inspiring, challenging, with great attention to detail. The group Zoom meetings were fun check ins with actors from Seattle and beyond keeping me motivated to create good work. David and Angela were both kind, kept us to task (Use your CROWE people!), and innovative in the spring 2020 world of shuttered theaters and closed film sets. Proud to call myself one of the "Mighty" ones!
Angela and David are steady, working actors (and producers/directors) here in the PNW, so they pass on to their students current & relevant best practices in the industry. You know that everything you are learning from them is what works in our PNW community. They are honest in their feedback to your work (but never mean) and will try multiple ways to bring out the very best in you. They truly want you to succeed.Highly recommend!!
Seriously the only acting school that I love going to every chance I get. Both Angela and David are phenomenal and patient and truly are the best at getting me out of my shell. Highly recommend.
My first class with the Mighty Tripod Acting Studio was the online Self Tape Academy and it was a fantastic experience. If you are looking to improve your self-tapes or acting in general, give them a call. Angela and David are supportive, encouraging and an overall joy to be around!
As an actor wanting to learn and grow this school is a fantastic choice. The teachers, David and Angela are such lovely people, and wonderful teachers. I've learned so much in their camera 1 class, I cant wait to continue in their Camera 2 class. And the price is amazing as I've paid the same for a single 1 day workshop whereas at Mighty Tripod you get 5 weeks of leaning. If you are new to acting, or just wanting to grow and learn, then dont look any further, you've found the right choice.
I have taken several classes at Mighty Tripod. In addition to being great instructors, David and Angela have excellent rapport with the class and each other that is cool, entertaining and super supportive.I recently took the Self Tape Academy (Covid inspired) virtual class. Here they have successfully transitioned the traditional studio classroom into a very effective three pronged online approach. The class incorporates virtual video lessons, weekly full class Zoom session, and one-on-one Coaches Corner to evaluate and give feedback on weekly self tape audition assignments, that are then resubmitted for a second take. With so much in this industry going virtual, this class is great for tightening up your technical skills, as well as working on audition skills of all types: commercial, improvised, dramatic, comedic and monologues.I also do private coaching with Angela. Self proclaimed “Mama DiMarco” exudes warmth and enthusiasm. In our coaching sessions she has provided me with invaluable well outlined practical, objective and actionable goals.I guarantee you will get great training and enjoy working with David and Angela in any Mighty Tripod class.
I have taken several classes at Mighty Tripod. In addition to being great instructors, David and Angela have excellent rapport with the class and each other...
David and Angela know their stuff. I have taken a variety of their classes and workshops over the past few years, and I can say it's one of the best...
David and Angela are simply two of the finest actors you can work with. Their level of professionalism, let alone their talent, provide a template and example that actors at all levels could benefit from.
This company completely understands the current state of the industry. Their tools and tactics are not only relevant, they're ahead of the curve. You want...
I've taken Camera I workshop and worked with David Hogan for some private coaching for a self tape audition and I really enjoyed working and learning from both David and Angela.
Looking forward to working with them in the future.
Check out their selection of online classes!
Thank you David, Angela and the main star Bruno I loved coming to your classes!! ☺️
I hired David of Tripod Productions to do acting lessons and audition tapes for my teenage son, as well as some photography. These folks are fun to work with and they are experts who charge a very reasonable rate for what they do. Highly recommended.
I took my 14 year old kid here for acting lessons as well as "head shots" for his agent. Tripod has also done audition tapes for us. They are fun to work...
I took Cameras 1, 2, and 3 with Angela and David. They’re both fantastic teachers! As actors themselves who are very involved with everything going on in the industry, their expertise when working on my own acting was extremely helpful. The class series really promotes enthusiasm and creativity in the process while working through a piece, whether it is a commercial copy or scene study. They take pride in their work and genuinely want the best for their students. If you’re looking for classes in the Seattle area, Mighty Tripod should definitely be on your list!
HIGH-Caliber, EXCELLENT, professional film actor training for adults and kids. Angela and David's highest goal is to help you. Maybe you want to gain confidence. Maybe you need to learn to relax more. Maybe you don't know if you even LIKE acting. Well, David and Angela are there to hold your hand and throw you into the deep end! Don't worry - they have a towel when you get out! 🙂 They teach with heart and provide a safe environment that supports your growth. Their generosity is shown by all the resources they provide, the intensity of their presence, and their effective teaching style. Since they both have academic degrees and are working professional actors and film makers, they offer so much valuable and RELEVANT knowledge. They UNDERSTAND! They know what it's like to audition and to feel scared, they know what it's like to prepare for a role, they know how to analyze scripts and uncover characters and so much more! Acting is a huge part of their lives and they want to share it with YOU. There are other teachers that use intimidation or insults to teach. There are teachers who have good intentions but don't know how to help a student from one point to the next small step. There are teachers who have inflated egos that don't know what the word TEACHER means. Let me tell you, David and Angela are not these oblivious types. They genuinely care and are diamonds in our performing arts community. I've gone to accredited universities that do not offer the consistency, quality, or tools for improvement that Mighty Tripod does. Take classes at Mighty Tripod. It is worth the investment in your education, your dreams and yourself.
I took the Camera 1 training classes with David and Angela. Even just after the first session, I was already thinking, if I'm going to have an acting...
I’m taking my second class with MTP currently and I’ve been loving it!! So helpful. David and Angela really want their students to succeed. Real, awesome, authentic teachers/people! Can’t believe I’m just now finding out about this place!!
Angela and David have something really special going on here. They are two of the most talented, kindest and warm hearted people I have met in the film industry. Their breadth of knowledge and ability to pull the best out of their students is nothing short of remarkable. They cover everything you would ever need to know about navigating being a working actor/actress in the Seattle market, and they do it in a fun light hearted way that gets straight to the point. I would highly recommend any of their courses to anyone, no matter what their experience level is in the craft. They provided a safe, comfortable environment that’s supportive and encouraging to growth. It’s really a place that allows you to work through those “cringy acting” moments without feeling judged or less than and is followed up by constructive feedback to help you get over those road blocks. It’s very clear that they care about their students and their craft is something they are very passionate about. I hope everyone in the Seattle area gets to experience them at some point. It truly was a gift being able to work with them.
Great place for aspiring or seasoned actors and more! I'm a new actor and I love learning as much as I can. Recently my agency requested a self taped video audition on camera, I have never done one ever, not even for friends. So of course I read up, youtubed videos, asked fellow actors and my first one after hours of making endless mistakes, I felt ok,got it and turned it in. Boy, I need more training or in need of a personal photographer, lol.Once again my amazing agency Tiffany Talent suggested I take a class from Mighty Tripod on Self taping. I was happy to see that they are local and affordable. So,today I attended my first class with them. Excellent information, great tips, examples, in just the right amount of time, 3hrs $40.00My only regret is , I wish I did this earlier, my first self tape would have been Great, not just OK after hours of retakes.I plan on taking more classes, David is skilled and hilarious!
Self-Taping Seminar & Demo. I took the class today. Lots of great information to improve my submits. Thanks for a great class David!
I'm a new actor and recently I've been asked for self taping. There is a plethora of information online, it's always great to meet and talk with experts..I found this company through my agent Tiffany Talent. I attended a Self Taping class with David; it was great, so informative and entertaining..hes hilarious.. I plan on signing up for more education with Mighty Tripod!
I was referred to this company through my agency, Tiffany Talent. I am a new actor and in need for continued education. Recently ,I have been asked for self...
Manny loved working with Angela! So much fun and learned a lot. Can't wait for the next class!
Probably the best taping service I’ve ever used.Came here from Atlanta on vacation and got an audition taped with them. Awesome service and extremely professional.
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to leave a rating! ~ David
Luci had her very first workshop today. It has exceeded our expectations exponentially! David and Angela encourages parents to stay, made us feel comfortable and provided an incredible learning experience! They provided positive constructive feedback. We are looking forward to our next class with Might Tripod Productions. Highly recommend!!! A+
I've worked in media production my entire life, and have worked in the Entertainment Industry internationally with Talent and Crews from around the world. I can now say that I've been trained by top quality professionals to be an Actor of the same caliber of the ones I've worked with on million dollar sets- that's what Mighty Tripod does.Angela and David are remarkable mentors simply because they exceed any standard you've created for yourself, and they will normalize the greatness that is already inside of you. They are Mighty!
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to review our business, Obadiah, it's appreciated! We have enjoyed having you in class, and we look forward to working with you in the future.Sincerely,David
Response from the owner: Thank you for rating our business!
Response from the owner: Thank you for taking the time to review us.~ David and Angela
Angela and David are a dynamic duo who offer fun and informative acting classes to kids and adults. Wherever you are at their classes are a MUST! Rest...
I just love these guys! The welcomed and supported us in so many ways. Thanks for believing!
I just finished my first Mighty Tripod class and was not disappointed! David and Angela are passionate, informative, and attentive; I, truly, felt like I've experienced some growth. I signed up for my next class, a couple weeks into my first, and am super excited to get started!
David and Angela are amazing coaches. Full of energy and just down right good people. My daughter sees Angela for her coaching needs but more times than not David is there to help as well. We love what they are doing for Film in the Pacific Northwest!!!
The absolute best! Mighty Tripod is a must for NW actors, so helpful and inspiring!
Honest, passionate and a great place! The instruction received from the classes pertain not only to acting but to life. So glad we have found them!
I strongly recommend anyone interested in being in front of the camera to take a class with Angela and David at Mighty Tripod Productions. They're professional, personal and passionate in seeing local talent successfully working. I've been generously given "nuggets" that are invaluable. �
This looks like an amazing opportunity to learn! I am super excited about acting where do I start?
They have been very inspirational part of my never-ending journey as an actor. They are incredibly passionate and they REALLY care for their students bringing important knowledge. I felt their unconditional giving a gift. And they have the availability to create a great environment to work, so you can give yourself permission to make bold choices. Great team. I wish you the best.
Dedication, Inspiration, Honesty. It's what they do. Drawing out the best of us artistically and selflessly sharing their knowledge and experience.
The class I took was very informative and I learned a few new strategies on how to prepare yourself before and during an audition.
I'll definitely take more of their classes! Thanks again guys!
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