At our Georgetown studio, we love to put actors on tape for auditions. Please take a moment to watch the video above for a bit more information about our service, and take a look at our setup so you know what to expect. Most actors tape against a grey or blue backdrop, and we have a few taping options for you to consider before making your appointment – Those details are below, and please contact us first [David is your best bet: (206) 769-5786] before you place your order in case we are not available for your audition taping deadline.

We can also help you with other taping services, including: Performance clips, actor reel clips, demos for agency submissions, etc. Basically, if you want to tape something that looks and sound great, we are here to help. 


60 minutes. Reader service only, no coaching or editing included. We will send you the raw files the day of your taping. Please contact us before you order.


60 minutes. Reader and editing service. We will put you on tape, then send you or the client/agent your video files. Coaching not included. Contact us before you order.


90 minutes. 30 minutes of coaching, then we dive in to the taping session. Reader service and editing also included. As with all taping, contact us before you order.


In today’s competitive and crowded Entertainment Industry, actors are expected to have video clips in addition to great headshots. If you don’t have any video clips or a demo reel, of if there is a aspect of your talent that is not currently being featured in your video materials, you should consider adding some performance clips to your portfolio. If you need new clips, your first ever clip, or new headshots, we can help. Below are snippets from a few recent sessions. 

Singing Clip

Dramatic Acting Clip

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