Public Callboards? What to Look For.

Below is what we, the community, want to see in a casting breakdown on a public callboard (and to be specific, a callboard or call board, is Рusually Рan online service that lists projects which are casting in the area). If you are reading a casting notice and the below information is missing, you may be getting into something you may later regret.

And, my actors, always get a contract from your producer.

The list below was made by Stephen Salamunovich and edited by myself.

Casting notices on public callboards, in our opinion and for your protection, should answer these questions:

  1. The Name of the Project?
  2. The Format: Feature Film, Short Film, Commercial, Industrial, (category I or II if its union), New Media, Internet Commercial, Live Event, Photo Shoot, Spec Film or Music Video?
  3. Venue: SAG-AFTRA or Non-Union?
  4. Rate: What is the monetary compensation? If its a commercial, what is the conflict area, how long is the use period and what are they paying for the session fee (day on-set shooting) and for the use? Where will it be showing?
  5. Rate (cont.): Is it a principal role or in the case of a SAG-AFTRA industrial, is it a spokesperson rate or a character rate?.
  6. Rate (cont.): Is it a daily, three day, weekly rate?
  7. When is it shooting?
  8. When are the auditions (callbacks included)?
  9. What are the character breakdowns (sex, age-range, race, type and required skill set, whether there’s dialogue or not and how much, acting range requirements)?
  10. If it’s a feature film, is the film funded?
  11. Where, how and what should the actor submit (list where to get the script if they are to audition with the script) to be considered?

Thanks for reading,



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