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Hey, Reader! Thanks for your interest in MTP and our blog. If you are an actor in Seattle and you want to work in commercials, film, television, industrial videos, or voice over, having an agent is pretty darn important! Below you will find some of the agencies in our fair city. The names below are not listed in any particular order, and some agencies that work primarily with models have not been included, as that is not our area of expertise.

Here are the SAG-AFTRA franchised agencies:

Non-franchised agencies:


NOTE: When interview with talent agencies, this old adage is still mostly true: “Agents only make money if you make money.” Meaning, an agent should only make money from the commissions you pay them after you book jobs. Some agencies do require actors to pay “website fees,” which seem to be about $100 annually, if at all (you might be able to negotiate with your agent and have this fee waived –  read the fine print of your contract). Also, when signing with an agent, you may be asked to maintain a profile on Casting Networks and/or Casting Frontier. These casting sites, I believe, have annual fees, and may even charge for headshot changes on your online profile. Agencies which look for money from you up front or those who require that you take their acting classes or get new headshots with “their” photographers are usually considered less respectable. However, we recommend interviewing with as many agents as possible to find the right fit for you.

Here is an article on how to avoid getting scammed when trying to get your kid “discovered.”

  • The David S. Hogan Show covers talent agencies here.
  • Here are some tips from Complete Casting.
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This post was updated on September 19, 2016.

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  1. BFNW (Big Fish) is supposedly SAG franchised now though their new contract states they are still allowed to double dip and are requiring talent to be exclusive. I found a reasonable alternative for background work that’s not exclusive nor charges you for agencypro/casting frontier visibility is Flannel (I know.. thought it was a joke too but it’s real!) and they also provide extras to Z Nation. (can’t wait to see if the pay is better than with BFNW because it couldn’t possibly be less..) Anyhow, that’s the scoop from me to you! Cheers ~ Asraiya

  2. I wasn’t impressed with Flannel Background. My agent kept asking the talent to help him find people with specific or unique looks to cast in Z Nation, while we weren’t getting any work from him.

    I finally grew tired of helping him do his job while having to look for my own work, and dropped them.

    1. I am sorry you feel this way. When working with a series like Z Nation that requires specific skills/looks that are not easily searchable within in our database, we reach out to our roster for more specialized information. Asking the roster if they posses or know anyone with these specifics is not a mandatory request. With the unique needs of this production, we reach out to everyone within our community through multiple avenues to aid casting with their search.

      As an agency, we are always here to assist you. When you are not actively booking, reach out to your agent for advice and to create a personalized plan for marketing your career.