STEP UP! Seattle On-Camera Actor Training Summer 2013!

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We at Mighty Tripod Productions are thrilled to announce a summer full of opportunities for actors of all ages!

And, here is where you come in! First off, we have our weekend Scene Study Workshop for young actors, taught by co-founder, Angela DiMarco, and veteran actor and teacher, Tony Doupe‘. The workshop takes place on June 30, and will be held at Theatre Puget Sound on the Seattle Center Campus. This course is our second installation after our exceedingly successful first workshop. You can read about our previous workshop for young actors HERE. If you are a young actor, or the parent of a young actor, this workshop is for you!

Actress Rachelle Henry
Actress Rachelle Henry in our Youth Workshop

What else is going on this summer, you ask? Camera 1, our on-camera foundational course of adult actors, begins on July 8. Camera 1 is a great course for any actor who wants to learn how to be successful in multiple formats , as we work on scene study, monologues, commercial acting, and more. This is a very hands-on class, where actors are given a foundation for truthful performance, then put in front of the camera over and over again.

[toggle_framed title=”Testimonials”]”Working with David and Tony in the Camera 2 class has been instrumental in re-framing how I approach my scene work and character development. They offered challenging alternate choices for given situations that gave me the freedom to continue to discover nuances and build higher stakes throughout the filming process, take after take after take… I feel that I have left this class with more valuable tools than I anticipated and I’m eager to put them to use in my work moving forward. Also to work with these two again! Incredibly talented actors and directors with a solid eye for refining their students’ trouble spots.”
– Andi Norris, actor in Sader Ridge
“I’d been working in Seattle for the past four years with some success in both theater and film, but I knew that there was more to learn that I just wasn’t getting “on the job.” David and Tony’s class came recommended by Jodi Rothfield, so knew it would be a good place to start. I went in thinking I needed to brush up on my camera technique; where to look, how to stay in frame, how to play to the camera, etc. What I got was that and more: I’ve deepened my approach to acting, both for the camera and for the stage. I’ve got a new set of tools I can use to prepare more fully for auditions and roles. And, most importunity, I’ve got a new sense of confidence that’s been making a big difference in real-world casting and on-set situations. I got so much out of the first class that I went on to take the next in the series, and I plan to continue with Mighty Tripod’s ongoing classes and workshops.”
– Martyn G. Krouse, actor in A Bit of Bad Luck starring Carey Elwes, and NBC’s Grimm[/toggle_framed]

But, wait! That is not all, my fine friends! We are thrilled to report that we will be bringing Los Angeles Casting Director, Paul Weber, up to Seattle for two fantastic Audition Workshops in August! I have been lucky enough to participate in two workshops taught by Paul, and I can tell you first had that these workshops are outstanding. Paul is offering workshops for ADULTS and YOUNG ACTORS so register now.

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Paul Weber, CSA

Here is a video of Paul Weber in action:

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We hope to see you this summer!

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