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If you are an actor in the Pacific Northwest, you are probably hungry for more auditions. What we will do in this post, briefly, is point you in a few directions so you know which callboards to scour, and what local happenings are available for networking. I will also provide links to Facebook groups and other sites which I think are also beneficial to actors in this region. Enjoy!

As a quick aside, if you are looking for actor training, look no further. Our classes are some of the best in the region!

Local Callboards:

Local Networking, etc.:

Other Great Stuff:

Getting back to our original topic of finding auditions in Seattle, if you have an agent, we advise letting your agent submit you for roles that you find while you are reading the callboards. This rule also applies when you are networking – when you are out there making great connections and getting producers interested in what you have to offer, don’t be shy about saying something to the effect of, “I run all bookings through my agent.” Your agent is a key member of your team, and self-submitting when you are under contract with an agent often causes major blowback against the actor. For more on this topic, please read this post from our sister business, Northwest Talent Management.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you found a site or two or a tip or three that will help you along your journey.

If you see anything I missed – a great local callboard or a networking hub – please let me know in the comments!

PS – we would love to see you in a class with us!

~ David

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