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  • Date and Price? At the top of this page
  • Ages: 10 – 18
  • Experience levels: All
  • COVID/MASKS: If you are sick, contact us and don’t come to class. Masks will be provided and should be worn unless you are performing. Safety first, lovely humans!
  • Location, Registration, & Other Details: At the bottom of this page.


Summer is here and auditions are picking up! Are you ready?

Young Actors should always have monologues ready to go: Ideally one comic and one dramatic. They need monologues which are age appropriate featuring a character that shows their strengths. Maybe that’s comedy or a super powerful dramatic piece. Either way, it’s good for actors to have something they can film, show and share their artistry. You never know when a Theatre, casting director, producer, or agent will ask an actor to “come with a prepared monologue”… Don’t be the actor who doesn’t have one.

This workshop will focus on teaching actors how to prepare their monologues and help bring a character to life. Many actors, of all ages, make the mistake that monologues are just a speech.  But they are a SCENE. There is someone you are talking to, and that listener is not responding because of what you are saying or how you are saying it. Or both! We will also film the monologues during the workshop, so actors will get a clip they can use for audition submissions.

WORKSHOP: Youth & Teen Monologue Workshop
WHEN: Saturday June 24th 12pm-3pm
WHERE: Mighty Tripod Acting Studio

WHO: Actors 9-16 years old, all experience levels welcome
WHAT: To prepare a monologue to use for auditions for Theatre and/or Film. Monologues will also be FILMED in class and emailed to students after the workshop.
WHAT’S NEXT: Snag a spot for class and we will email you some links to monologues, to help your search.

  • Actors are asked to bring in a 2 minute monologue of their choosing. These can be from a play, film or TV show. You can choose one from the inks we will email you or find one on your own. If you already have one you’ve been working on, GREAT, bring that in and lets dive in deeper!
  • Actors should email their monologues to the Teachers BEFORE the workshop.
  • Monologue TIPS: Find a character that you, the actor, feel you would rock this role! Something you connect to and can relate to the role and/or the circumstance.
  • Find a monologue that is clearly talking to another person versus a piece that is talking to “the audience” or telling a story.
  • FULLY MEMORIZE the piece before coming to the workshop. Then we will work on bringing it to the next level to make it performance ready.

We can’t wait to create with you and help you BE MIGHTY!

Angela, David and Bruno

Picture of Angela DiMarco

Angela DiMarco

Angela is a co-founder of Mighty Tripod Acting Studio, and the Head of the Youth and Teen Division.