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Please don’t register unless you have spoken with David about this intensive.
* If you are interested intensives, please contact us. We are happy to add you to the list.
* Intensives for Beginners will be added soon.

Age: 18+
Level: Intermediate+

Course Overview

Intermediate+ Acting Intensives are built for actors who are committed to growth, exploration, and experimentation.

The Intensive has been added to our curriculum to give students an opportunity to continue working on the craft outside of the 5-week, Camera 2/3 structure. The current plan is to offer Intensives a few times per month, but the format could change with the right group, and extend into a course that meets weekly or every other week.

Aside from performing, actors will have the opportunity to participate in breath work, body work, mindset training, and career consulting.

Tips for Success

  • Connect with a friend, register with them, and bring in a scene. 
  • Bring in a scene for audition simulation and technique training. 
  • Bring in a monologue or two.
  • Bring in commercial copy or corporate material.
  • Practice cold reading, assigned by MTAS.

Final Thoughts

Enrollment is limited in our Intensives to give actors more attention and time to practice in front of the group. Cameras will be used in class on occasion, and there will be times where no camera will be used at all. Each Intensive will feel a bit different, depending on who is in the room. You will have the opportunity to work on things that are out of your comfort zone, while being (gently) pushed to go deeper into the work and experience by your MTAS instructors.

We look forward to meeting you on your path.