Camera 2…Two Times!

Due to popular demand, this fall we put on two sessions of Camera 2, our intermediate acting for the camera course. We are now teaching out of Prima Vera Arts, and we absolutely love the space. It’s large, quiet, and gives us a lot of different locations to film in – a kitchen, an office, a living room, a conference room, etc. This new venue gives us so many options, and allows us to film two scenes at once so students stay engaged the whole time. We are very fortunate to call this the new home of Mighty Tripod Productions. The venue’s primary tenant is Repertory Actors Theatre, so check them out and support them, too, because we think that they are great!

So, what is Camera 2 all about, you ask? Who is this class for? It is a class for actors who have some experience or training in front of the camera. Sure, we sometimes take students with no camera experience whatsoever, but only if they come with a good amount of stage experience or training.

And, what goes on in Camera 2, you wonder? Well, we work on 3 page scenes between two people. We look for scenes that are emotionally challenging, and which don’t have a lot of action/blocking – battle scenes on mounted horses need not apply. Scenes that work really well are those with limited movement, as we work a lot with containment and close up framing. Scenes are assigned on the first day (week 1), with rehearsal and improvising to prepare students for filming during week 2. Students are taught (or reminded) of basic scene study techniques, and we cover how to work as the camera gets close and the frame gets tighter (medium shot, close-up, extreme close up). We cover three scenes per course, and students are provided with their footage so they can see how they are coming across on screen.

Is this class for me, you say? This is a great class for actors who have just a bit of experience and, those who are looking to take their work deeper. Since we can “meet the actor where they are,” this is a good choice for actors with limited experience, and for those who have been working for more than a few years.

If you are ready to take your on-camera skills to the next level, we hope to see you in Camera 2.

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