Self-Taping Tips from Casting Director Erica S. Bream

Self-taping like a pro is critical for an actor’s success. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Casting Directors certainly know it, and in this post, I am sharing tips from Casting Director, Erica S. Bream, who you should follow on Twitter because she is a font of wisdom and inspiration for actors.

Read on, enjoy, and apply these tips in your next tape!

From Erica,

“If you do something *specifically* so your self-tape will “stand out,” I can almost guarantee that thing will work against you, as it will pull your energy and focus, as well as ours.

We look for the same things in self-tapes that we do in live auditions: 


If you’re relying on props, overly “bold choices,” music, title cards, etc… Then you’re putting your efforts in the wrong place because…

A great performance stands out in all the right ways. Truly.
Focus on the acting, ground yourself with the info you have on the page, and connect, connect, connect.

Aim for truth, not forced sparkles.”

And if you've seen Dacre's tape, Erica continues:

“Dacre’s tape is amazing because of his performance. His choice to use music only enhanced his performance, and was a great way to adapt the energy of the scene for a self-tape. It wasn’t music for the sake of score or ambiance. It was highly intentional.

If you’re spending more time considering how to use a prop/music/editing/trick… Then you’re putting your energy in the wrong place. Focus on the character work first and foremost.

And remember, Dacre is Dacre, and you are you. Be you.”

Dacre's Tape (click the image)

We can help you with your taping and actor goals

If you need any help with your self-taping, contact us for private coaching, or check your class schedule for the next Self-Tape Academy.

We love to work with Seattle area actors (and beyond), and we can’t wait to help you achieve your goals.

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