Into the Trenches: “Captured by Purpose” with Mark Spates Smith

Into the Trenches: "Captured by Purpose" with Mark Spates Smith

Mark came into the studio for a self-taped audition when he was in town from Chicago for a wedding. After spending some time with him and getting his auditions (he taped twice while in town) together, we quickly realized that he would be a great guest on our podcast.

Mark is an actor, pastor, creative, and more. “I’m far from perfect, but I am perfectly connected to who I’m supposed to be.” – Mark Spates Smith

In the episode we talk about opportunities, the power of YES, and PURPOSE. We know you will really enjoy getting to know him. And, you might even get to hear him sing. At the end of the episode, you will get to decide for yourself if you agree with Mark that he is “The most interesting boring person you will ever meet in your life.”

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