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We love teaching our 5 week Self Tape Academy. And we understand how important it is to be able to effectively (and enjoyably!) Prepare, Perform, and Deliver high quality and industry standard audition tapes. We want to teach you how to set up your space, understand the taping process, make creative acting choices, and enjoy self-taping commercials, scenes, monologues and more.

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"It was a fantastic class. I learned so much about how to build a better self-tape audition. Even though the class was focused mainly on creating self tape auditions, the coaching helped make me a better on camera actor as well. I highly recommend taking what classes you can from Mighty Tripod Acting Studio."
Chap Wolff

Prep It, Tape It, Deliver It

If you are new to self-taping, or simply want to learn how to make a better, more competitive audition tape from your home, then this academy is for you. Join us on Zoom, and take your acting and taping to the next level with weekly Zoom classes & Coach’s Corner – Weekly Coaching & Feedback Sessions with Angela.

It’s 2023, and almost all auditions for on-camera jobs (short films, student films, feature films, commercials, etc.) are self-tapes. Especially for the initial audition. Callbacks tend to happen over Zoom, so either way, today’s actor needs to know how to set up their “at-home taping studio,” and provide excellent auditions at a moment’s notice.

Back in the “old days” (before the pandemic), actors would attend live auditions, where casting directors would put them on tape, giving redirection (notes) between each take. Feedback received from casting directors would often improve an actor’s performance, and lead to a much better second take. In today’s casting environment (self-taping), the actor does not receive any feedback between takes, and is also responsible for all of the technical aspects of lighting, taping and delivery. It’s a lot for an actor to manage, and it’s the reason we created this Academy in 2020 – To empower the actor and teach them how to stand out during self-tapes and virtual auditions.

 – Weekly Zoom meetings (it’s okay if you have to miss one or two sessions).

 – Weekly one-on-one coaching with Angela or David in Coach’s Corner. 

 – Learn how to set up your studio/Zoom room.

 – Over the 5 weeks, actors will learn how to prepare and perform auditions for commercials, film, TV, and more.

 – Connect with other students each week and learn the in’s and outs of the local virtual audition landscape, and what to expect.

Picture of Instructor: Angela DiMarco

Instructor: Angela DiMarco

This session will be taught by Mighty Tripod Acting Studio co-founder, Angela DiMarco.