Casting Directors That Help You Get Work

Casting director workshops and seminars get a bad rap from time to time. I have attended the occasionally “scammy” workshop, but for the most part, I find casting director workshops and seminars to be quite beneficial. As long as you know what to look for…

In our market – Washington – we only have a 6 casting directors. A few of them offer workshops, some teach classes, and I often encourage actors to attend them.

In case you don’t know who is up here casting, here is the list of *real* casting directors (Seattle-Spokane area):

  • ~Nike Imoru
  • ~Jodi Rothfield
  • ~Stephen Salamunovich
  • ~Amey Rene’
  • ~Patti Kalles
  • ~Heidi Walker
  • ~Lana Veenker and Eryn Goodman (Cast Iron Studios, Portland, OR)

I added a 7th (Cast Iron Studios) because even though they are not a Washington agency, local actors travel there often for work (they currently cast Grimm and The Librarians, among other things).

And, in the words of the Notorious B.I.G., “If ya don’t know, now ya know.”

We recently co-produced a seminar with Nike Imoru, CSA, casting director for Z Nation, the new SyFy episodic television show filming in Spokane, WA. Ms. Imoru wanted to put on an event for Seattle area actors in order to demystify the casting process, especially as it relates to TV casting (and Z Nation in particular), and also answer any questions actors might have about what to expect and how to prepare for auditions. The seminar was very sucessful, with over 70 actors in attendance, and I strongly believe that this seminar was an incredible value at $25.

We have also had success hosting Paul Weber, CSA, from Los Angeles, CA. He was up here last summer for two workshops, and we are thrilled to have him again this August for two more workshops for youth actors. His workshop is designed to help actors learn how to audition more effectively, and his experience casting over 75 film and TV series gives him incredible insights into what works and what doesn’t in the casting room. If you are 18 or younger, I highly suggest you checking out his workshop The Art of the Business of the Business of the Art, which is coming this August. You can register below and contact Angela DiMarco with questions!

Paul Weber Workshop: August 7, 1pm.

Paul Weber Workshop: August 7, 6pm.


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