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Quick Info

This is a 5-week course that meets once per week on Sundays, 6PM-9PM, starting 02/18.
You will receive a ticket via Email, and we will follow up about a week before class.

You must stay on top of Emails, as this is how we will be connecting with you before and between classes. You will have an assignment for Week 1, and it’s crucial that you connect with us via Email before the first day.

Who is this Class For?

Ages: 16+
Levels: Intermediate+

Building on lessons learned in previous courses, Camera 3 goes deeper with script analysis, and puts actors in partnership for scene work. The best actors are also amazing scene partners, and this class will teach you how to create dynamic, believable performances, while also showing you how to be generous in your work so your scene partners also shine.

Camera 3 is a great fit for actors who have taken Camera 1 & 2 with us. Where those courses focused on The Audition, this class teaches actors how to perform Script Analysis and work with scene partners. Every student will work in each class in our intimate studio environment – 8 students max.

If you have not taken Camera 1 or 2, but you want to enroll in this class, you must have some acting experience and professional training. You should understand the foundations of acting, and have booked some on-camera work. If you have any questions about whether you are a good fit for this class, please contact us, we would love to connect with you.

Course Outline

Student work will be recorded and made available for review. Videos recorded in class are for educational purposes only. If you need clips for your demo reel, we can assist you in other ways outside of this course. 

Other Topics Covered

Health & Safety

We take health, safety, and wellness very seriously. Masks are not required, but we welcome students to wear masks when not performing.

Author picture

This course is taught by studio founders, David S. Hogan & Angela DiMarco.