Northwest Talent Agencies

A Talent Agent is a great asset for an actor, and there are quite a few choices in the Seattle area. There are a few Talent Managers that work in our area, too, and while it’s possible to have an agent and a manager in a larger market, we don’t think an actor in the Pacific Northwest would need both.

Now, you don’t need a talent agent to find auditions and book work, but most of the best jobs (best paying, most prestigious) are funneled through Casting Directors, and most casting directors will contact talent agencies to find actors.

We will provide links to local talent agencies on this page, and we encourage you to interview with as many as possible in order to find the right fit for you.

The list to the right is not aligned in any particular order, so do your research, talk to other actors, and contact us for coaching if you need assistance along your journey.