Talent Agency Prep

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Being an actor is great, and acting is a powerful way to express human emotions, connect with other creatives, and tell stories. Without a legitimate and scrupulous talent agent, however, making a career out of acting, and having access to the more lucrative jobs is almost impossible.

If you are looking to take your acting career to the next level, and sign with a Seattle area talent agency, we are here for you and can help make that happen.

Each session is an hour in length.

Included in this 3 lesson package:

  • Career and Craft Review: We asses your goals, where you are currently, and what steps need to be taken for you to be seriously considered by a local agency.
  • Agent Targeting: Discussion about which agents to consider in the local market.
  • Materials Selection: Sourcing monologues and scenes for presentation.
  • Mindset Training: Teaching you how to have successful agency interview.
  • Professional Taping: Recording your interview/audition materials at our Georgetown studio.
  • Editing and Delivery: We will edit your audition video, and help you complete your submission package.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.