Northwest Casting Directors

Casting Directors are hired by clients (producers of film, TV shows, commercials, corporate videos, etc.) to bring the best (or most appropriate) actors into the audition room, for the roles that are being cast. Developing relationships with Casting Directors is an important part of an actor’s job. Indeed, we often preach that an actor must strive to make the CD “a fan of your work,” over booking the job. Sure, booking the job is a nice bonus, but we believe that the “job” of the actor, much like Bryan Cranston says, is to show your version of the character and interpretation of the scene, and then move on. If you do that – prepare, make choices, then present the scene and character in the room (and manage to be truthful and compelling at the same time!), then you will make a fan of the Casting Director, and will become an actor who gets called in more often than not.