March 21, 2020 // Studio Update // COVID-19


In accordance with local regulations and advisements, our studio is currently closed for classes. Unfortunately, the nature of our business makes it impossible for our clients to maintain physical distance while in the studio, so we have no choice but to close our doors. We also believe that maintaining physical distance and staying at home whenever possible is the best strategy for dealing with this global health crisis.

Currently, we are able to do one-on-one sessions and headshots, but this may change, as the situation is evolving and shifting on a daily basis.

We are devastated to not be able to provide education to our community, and are working as quickly as possible to take our education online.

If you are interested in online learning, please contact us.

Stay healthy, and take care of you and yours.

~ David and Angela

For more information about COVID-19, please follow this link.

For local information about COVID-19, please follow this link.

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